10 Home Exercises to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Pooch

10- Jumping jacks + 1 burpee

Start doing jumping jacks by standing straight. Raise your arms over your head and jump with your feet spreading away during the jump. Perform it 5 times. Now it’s time for the burpee. Bend your back, place your palms on the floor and lower yourself to the ground. Next, jump and move your feet back so as to get into the push-up position. Now jump upward and move your feet back in. Do it once and shift to doing jumping jacks.

9- mountain climbers + 2 sit-throughs

Start by doing mountain climbers. Begin by positioning yourself into the plank position. Pull one knee up toward your midsection. Try raising your knee the farthest you can comfortably. Repeat the action with your other knee. Every hop counts as one. Perform this 4 times. Now shift to doing sit-throughs. To do it, get yourself into the pushup position. Lift your right hand and your left leg off the ground. Bring your right hand up to your head and kick your left leg through. During the course of this movement, turn your body and your hips so that your butt manages to touches the ground. Now return to the pushup position. Repeat it with your left hand and right leg. Perform it twice and switch to doing mountain climbers.