Beauty: 7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid!!

Applying the eyeliner is one of the essential parts of makeup, also the most tasking and tedious of all makeup techniques. During makeup, most women tend to make lots of mistakes when it comes to using eyeliner. These mistakes range from their inability to know the right liner shape suitable for them to not being able to have the same shape of liners on both sides. If you are among these set of women, don’t worry! We are here to assist you to fix those common eyeliner mistakes. Below are some common eyeliner mistakes you should avoid.


eyeliner-makeup-skincare-mascara-eyeshadow-face-makeup-skin-care-products-mistakes When applying cosmetics to your face, mascaras should be the last makeup you apply on your face. This is because, when you apply the mascara first, you may not be able to apply some other cosmetics correctly. For instance, when you apply the mascara first, you may find it pretty difficult applying your eyeliner correctly owing to the increased thickness of your eyelashes thereby making visibility difficult. In addition to this, you will find it tasking in determining the right layers of mascara needed owing to the absence of your eyeliner. Therefore always endeavor to apply your mascara last.