7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid!!

Every day we hassle to apply eyeliner! And it always seems like eyeliner was meant for only one eye!

But, then I decided to ask makeup artist experts and figured that I was doing it all wrong! So, there were 7 main mistakes that all the experts agreed on and it was true! I wasn’t getting a perfect eyeliner.

Now, that I’m avoiding these mistakes, I can totally tell how it helped me apply better eyeliner and it’ll help you as well.

7- Pulling Your Skin While Applying Your Eyeliner

I think that most of us stretch our skin as we apply eyeliner! I thought it makes my skin straight and smooth for better application.

Turns out, I was wrong, and stretching your skin gets wrinkled and creating distinct fine lines close to your eyes.

That’s why the line looks messy and you don’t get the perfect line.


Slightly lift your chin up while looking down at your face. You’ll get a clear look of your eyelids to apply your eyeliner.